The Role of Optical Character Recognition in Live Casino Games

You’ve probably heard of the news regarding live dealers. The casino host sets up a studio and broadcasts their surroundings to players in real-time over the internet using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). But what exactly is OCR and how does it work?


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Before we get to how OCR works, there are some pre-requisites before it can be used:

Space – As always, in order for casino games to go smoothly, players need to be comfortable with the casino environment.

Lighting – Having equipment to optimize lighting is absolutely necessary for players to completely see what’s happening in the casino.

Specialized Cameras – Before live casino games are set up, animations and more graphic designs are prepared first. Specialized cameras are needed to pull off the animation process.

Specialized Staff – Another necessity is a specialized staff. These are people who know how to handle and operate the hardware used for the process. The high demand for staff in online casinos is perhaps the reason why land-based casinos are having fewer employees.

Optical Character Recognition Setup

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These factors are what makes online live casino expensive. However, the most significant factor that affects this process is the use of Optical Character Recognition.

This allows for the roulette placements, cards movements, and more actions to be processed quickly.

This is also the most expensive part of this setup. Not only does it require the aforementioned four factors, but it’s also expensive on its own.

If you didn’t have any idea why there are only a few websites offering, then this might have explained it to you. Due to the high-technology products, you’ll find that only the most prestigious casino sites offer live dealers.