Introducing the All-New 3D Animation to Live Casinos

2018 had been an exciting year for online casino gamers given the development and progress displayed on the technological side of the industry. It’s not an exaggeration anymore to say that the online casino industry is several steps ahead of their counterpart, land-based casinos.

Indeed, casino games are getting revolutionized in a good way by the two most influential brands in the industry, Mr Green and NetEnt. Even the gaming industry is taking notice of this development.

During the annual ICE Totally Gaming exhibition held last year, these two big gambling companies just revealed that they’ll be opening an exciting new business extension. It’s said to be involved with online 3D live casino gaming but the best news is that they’re going to take it a little bit further.

Mr Green Reveals 3D Features

The online casino world is getting more competitive as time passes by, and it pays for these companies to move along with the times. This is what the Mr Green casino company came up with and thus, they’ve been displaying amazing progress in their technical side for the past few years.

As a matter of fact, Mr Green is considered one of the most technologically advanced brands with online casino products yet. One of their most innovative products is its predictive gaming tool. This tool was designed to reduce the risk of a problem when gambling through analysis.

Now, there has been news everywhere that they’ve launched their latest innovation, which is the brand’s live 3D casino gaming product made thanks to their advanced blue screen technology. With their predictive gaming tool, casino gaming experience has never been this easy.

Many players are now looking at the new 3D version as the standard of live casino gaming. Fortunately, Mr Green is developing this feature in order to meet the high expectations of prestigious casinos.

The 3D environment offers a whole new gaming experience with high-quality stereo sounds and video angle footage that gives off an unrivalled realism that gets you to experience “the real thing” without really going to land-based casinos.

The New 3D Gaming

Before Mr Green even released the new 3D casino gaming innovation, they have been excited that they’ve been giving off hints on how it will end up. Mr Green, with NetEnt, stated that they are going to take online casino gaming to new levels of sophistication and achieve the highest level of satisfaction for players entertainment.

“We are constantly looking to push the boundaries of technological advances in the live casino world, and this breakthrough can help propel not only NetEnt but operators in reaching new heights,” says Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt.

Now that this new and revolutionary live 3D casino concept is live, the number of gamblers playing online is increasing and we can expect that the rest of the land-based casino players will hear of it.

Of course, Mr Green never fails to impress and we can expect more of their innovations in the near future. Let’s just hope their next one will be even better than this, although we believe it might be very difficult to pull off. For more content just like this, simply subscribe to TVs Kyle.