Full Name:
Kyle A. Carrozza
Birth date: 5/19/79
Nicknames: TV's Kyle, Keelay

Last updated: 3/14/06

What I've Been Watching Lately: Tex Avery cartoons, Sgt Keroro

What I've Been Reading Lately: Dr Slump, Blankets

What I've Been Listening to Lately : Lemon Demon, They Might Be Giants' latest downloads, Otaku Generation podcasts, and really awesome Andy Paley stuff you've never heard.

Kyle Carrozza got his start at Funnybone Interactive a small software studio in Connecticut   where he served two years as an animator, character designer, concept artist, and voice over actor. He worked on several titles in the JUMP START series.

While there, he started his comic book series CLARE'S STUPID LIFE for Antarctic Press. It has since gone on to become a 6-part series for Radio Comix's long-running comic anthology FURRLOUGH. CLARE was recently voted the ninth most popular comic feature in FURRLOUGH'S 140+ issue history.

Since then, Kyle has moved to Los Angeles where he created the cartoon short, MOOBEARD THE COW PIRATE for Nickelodeon's OH YEAH! CARTOONS. He went on to storyboard on several episodes of DANGER RANGERS.