Can't Buy Me Thug - Riley wakes up bright and early one Saturday morning and goes to Miss Monkey's house to find out if she needs rescuing. Not wanting to be bothered by her pesky pupil, she hands him $5 and tells him to patrol the village and not come back until he's done five good deeds to earn it. While looking for trouble to thwart, Riley is spotted by Thugly. In accordance to the juvenile delinquent code, he wants to relieve him of his sweet fivespot. Thugly offers his services as a cover to get closer to the money. As Riley finds false crises to fix, Thugly finds himself in several painful situations as a result of both Riley's recklessness in do-gooding and Thugly's poor aptitude in do-badding.

The Clothes Make the Raccoon - After playing a video game starring the well-dressed Captain Duds, Riley has decided that the reason he's not a successful local hero is that he's not costumed properly. Riley finds the Critter Village Drama Club's costume closet, and tries on various ridiculous outfits while out patrolling. After several failures, Riley manages to thwart a bank robbery... by wearing a baby costume. He chooses to remain anonymous rather than be known as Babyman.

Friendzilla - Riley sees a giant monster hanging around the Lumpy Mountains and tries to warn the village. Nobody listens due to Riley's terrible reputation, so he gears up and runs off to defeat the beast alone. When he does, the monster picks him up in his mouth and takes him off to his lair. Riley, being Riley, fusses and hurls a million left-field-based insults and threats at the beast. "Mook-faced dung-harpie! I'll remove your teeth with my miiiiiind!" When they get to the lair, the beast doesn't eat Riley. Instead, they have tea and they watch some monster wrestling on TV. When they return to town, Riley has to convince the lynch mob of townspeople that the giant monster he intended to kill is cool.

Best Enemies - Thugly is filled with inner turmoil. He and Riley are becoming good friends, but he's spent his whole life trying to live up to his lineage and be a bad guy. He decides that he needs to fight his urges to be friends and go terrorize Riley. Every time Thugly approaches him, ready to beat him senseless, Riley suggests that they engage in some fun activity that Thugly finds impossible to turn down.

Audition: Impossible - Riley spots a group of superheroes hanging out in a diner. He does noisy and annoying things to get them to notice him, thinking that if they just see him, they'll let him join their legion. Little does he realize, they all work for Galactic Pictures Theme Park in neighboring Varminton.

Plight of the Babysat - Riley wants to go out and right wrongs, but his parents have gone out for the evening and his tough babysitter, Roxy, won't let him leave. He tries various tactics to sneak past the crafty lass, but she's far too quick for him. After the umpteenth defeat, Riley asks her what her secret is and she reveals her own childhood past as a hero wannabe.

An Alien Concept - Space aliens from Gorbleflax abduct Riley and Miss Monkey. Miss Monkey is scared out of her wits. She thinks they're trying to lull them into a false sense of security and then harm them when they least expect it. Riley is no help at all as he thinks they're just foreigners and he's trying to absorb their culture.

Giving a Hoot - Hoody thinks Riley's escapades are pointless and refuses to get involved anymore. Hoody has a series of connected bad dreams in which Riley gets obliderated in many insane ways as a result of his refusal to help. Interestingly, Riley is severely mentally challenged in Hoodie's dreams.


-Scene of Riley failing to answer a question in Miss Monkey's class

-With school over for the day, Riley wants to patrol for danger together. Since they totally did that yesterday, Hoody wants Riley to come over and play "Ok, Maybe a Couple of Heroes" (on the Whoo game system).

-It escalates into a huge fight with Hoody calling Riley's aspirations stupid and Riley calling Hoody's attempts to enjoy his youth "feeble and insignificant". Hoody: You wouldn't even KNOW those words if it wasn't for me!

-Hoody tries to talk to Thugly about what a jerk Riley's being. It's not much condolence as Thugly spends the whole conversation nervously saying "Look man, I'm supposed to be beatings you ups right nows. Could you get lost so's I don't look like a wiener?

-Hoody arrives home and plays "Ok, Maybe a Couple of Heroes" alone, all the while screaming about how much fun he's having.

-Hoody has his horrible dream in which the stupidest Riley ever gets repeatedly killed. The dream universe resembles the "Ok, Maybe a Couple of Heroes" universe.

-Hoody wakes up with a start and goes into an over-dramatic film-noirish soliloquy of self-loathing.

-Riley yells for Hoody from outside. Hoody runs outside with a start, thinking he's in danger. Really, Riley's just there to walk to school with him as with every morning.

-Hoody (through his teeth) says he'll patrol with Riley after school as long as Riley will come over and play at Hoody's house afterwards.
Riley- "I accept your terms, citizen."
Hoody- "Dude, if you ever call me citizen again, I'll slap that shiney nose off your spherical face."

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