Thugly is a young man at odds with himself. He's a big guy with limited mental capacity, he comes from a long line of big guys with limited mental capacity and his lifelong goal has been to be an outstanding juvenile delinquent. However, since Riley refuses to notice his stature,Thugly has found himself in the role of Riley's de facto do-gooding sidekick. He enjoys Riley's companionship as well as all the fun they have pretending to keep the village safe. This has left him at a crossroads: Continue along this path, or follow with family tradition and be a tough guy? Thugly is self-conscious and is always trying to better himself, but this has become very difficult now that he's no longer sure what "better" is.


Like his classmate Riley, Hoody the owl ain't much physically, so he's always had to depend on his intellect. He's pretty sure he's smarter than everyone around him, and he's got a short temper to match his height. Hoody and Riley have been friends since they were born, so he often finds himself being dragged along on Riley's ill-advised adventures. He thinks it's all pointless, and wants to encourage Riley to do something constructive-- like Role Playing Games. Since all that falls on deaf ears, he makes suggestions that keep Riley's flighty tendancies in line. Hoody's ability to fly often comes in handy.

Miss Monkey

Miss Monkey teaches Riley and Hoody in her grade school class. She's well-spoken, intelligent, and an excellent teacher. When class is over, all she wants to do is relax in her lovely Victorian home, prune her rose bushes, and sip weak tea. Unfortunately for her, said lovely Victorian home is right next door to Riley's house. Riley frequently shows up uninvited to her door, much to her chagrin, asking her if she needs to be saved from anything. Occasionally, Riley manages to get Miss Monkey to come along on his escapades, and her ever-present parasol goes from being a fashion accessory to a device for dodging debris.



Roxy is the babysitter Riley's parents call on when they go out. Roxy had hero-aspirations in her youth like Riley, but now that she's 16, she's more interested in playing in her band, Hurricane Frankfurter. Since she knows what it's like to seek glory through heroism, she's the only person around who knows how to play action hero with Riley. Riley has decided that Roxy is the coolest adult ever.

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