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Pussycow at Nebulous Films


Teenage Roblog

Chris Reccardi

David Alvarez's Yenny

Elmo Aardvark


Milton Knight


Tommy Ohtsuka


Lynne Naylor


Doug TenNapel


Bill Wray 


Shannon Tagliareni



Sarah Starr


Homestar Runner


Rikki & Tavisha's Tavicat

Shane Glines






Les Adventures de Spirou et Fantasio is a Belgian comic that has been running since the 1930s. I can't read them, but I think they're gorgeous. Especially the newer Tome & Janry ones. It's about an adventurer who wears a bellhop's uniform. There's no really good Spirou site, so here's the link to Spirou's publisher, Dupuis. If you live in the LA area, Meltdown comics on Sunset has a large selection of Spirou!



Alisachan is a talented Cosplayer and the subject of my song "Leave Alisachan Alone". She has dressed as my character "Morbidia" on her site!



Cristi is also a talented cosplayer! I designed a character, "Skullbunny", for her to costume as.



Sherrylyn Lectronica from Rob Slice is based on this gothy molecular biologist!




Geekus rockus maximus.


They Might Be Giants

My favorite band ever! I highly recommend their new album, The Spine!



There's always room for more accordion-based geek rock. These guys rock the hizouse over in North Carolina and they're mighty nice fellas, too.



I saw these guys opening for BIS a while back. They kinda have this A-ha meets Rio-era Duran Duran thing going on. Catchy, well-produced stuff! They were also really friendly in person.