Vambre (VAM-ber)

Vambre is the most serious and disciplined member of the team. She's usually very level-headed and is often the mediator in the team's arguments. She's an unrivaled swordswoman, but she's also a perfectionist. Even if the job gets done, she's not fully satisfied unless it was done flawlessly.

Prohias (pro-HI-us)

Prohias is a handome, daring young man. The problem is, he's well aware of that. He's a magic expert but his show-offy glory-hog nature gets in the way of being a team player at times. He fancies himself a ladies man in general, but he has a special place in his heart for Zange. He's incapable of properly expressing it, though, and often acts like a bratty older sibling figure towards her.

Phil (fill)

Phil is a physically a very tiny person. As a result he can run around quickly without being seen and snatch valuable items from baddies' hands without being detected. Because of his skill, Phil is all about speed in all aspects of his life, including talking. He often cracks wise so fast, the person he's talking to has no idea that they've just been insulted.

Princess Zange (ZAN-jee)

Zange's family was once very rich, but recently they've fallen on hard times and they made her go get a job. Because of her upbringing, Zange is rather spoiled. She wears a crown and insists on being called "princess" because she has always wanted to be one when she grew up and nobody ever told her "no". The more time she spends with the team the more humility she learns and the more respect she learns to give the others. She has some telekinetic ability and is an excellent healer.

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