Head Games- Pug has had a terrible day. First, he got trashed yet again by Butch Beck, his own personal bully, then he met the lovely new girl, Sally Harrison, but all that would come out of his mouth when he tried to talk to her was "gwabndsfjkhfuu". While visiting his uncle's hat shop after school, he suddenly finds one of the hats talking to him. Rather than make a scene, Pug asks his uncle if he can have the hat and leaves with it atop his head. Hatz falls asleep before Pug can get much information out of him. The next day, Pug wears Hatz to school. Things start off poorly with Hatz talking back to Butch, leading to more violence, plus he screams out a date proposal when Pug won't do it. Thankfully, she agrees to it! That night, Pug goes to the movies with Sally, but things threaten to get ugly when Butch shows up. Suddenly Sally saves Pug with her... POWERFUL ROBOTIC ARMS??!

Freak Magnet- Pug has a lot of social problems at his school because there's a strict class system that has fallen into place, and he doesn't seem to fit into any group. He's too strange for the normal group. The geek group doesn't want him. Not geeky enough! Sally really likes Pug, though, and wants to keep him close. She thinks that having a talking hat might just be his ticket into the freak group to which she belongs. Amanda, a girl with wings and one of the freak group leaders doesn't think he's freaky enough. Sally wants to fight that decision, but then overdramatic Principal Hunter intervenes. He forbids Sally to try to get Pug into the freak group. The school caste system is the ticket to his complete power over his students and faculty. He thinks that one transgression like this will ruin everything.

Your Hat is Under Arrest- Pug and Sally are enjoying an afternoon together in town, but little do they know, they're being tailed by Haarco and Fuzzball: Intergalactic Police. They're trying to capture Hatz without being seen by any Earthlings, but once Hatz notices them, they give chase. During the chase, Hatz admits to Pug that he's an alien fugitive.

Auction Disfunction- While at an auction, Hatz sees something stupid and expensive and cries out "Dat's the ugliest 'ting I've ever seen in my life!", thus winning the item. Now the boys need to come up with $5000 within two weeks!

Overdoing Undercover- In an attempt to get Hatz without being recognized as aliens, Haarco and Fuzzball don human costumes. Stupid, weird-looking, unconvincing human costumes. They go out in public to test their costumes and creep out the locals.

Act Haturally- The drama teacher is concerned about Pug and tries to convince him to be in the school play, even forcing him to audition. Pug was going through the motions flatly and quietly reading the script alout when suddenly Hatz belts out an unbelievable performance. Hatz loves to act and he just couldn't help himself. Hatz keeps Pug awake night and day practicing the lines. The plan is for Pug to lipsynch while Hatz talks, but when Hatz disappears during the play, Pug has to call upon improv skills he didn't know he had.

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