Pug Ogly

Pug is an insecure young man. Besides being kinda homely and having a silly name, he doesn't really fit in with any particular social group. He's not geeky enough for the nerdy group, and he's too strange for the normal group. He's very dissatisfied with his life, but too shy to open his mouth and do anything about it. His life has changed a lot ever since Hatz started making things happen, and though they bicker a lot, he's afraid to be without him.


Hatz used to be an accomplished thief on his home planet of Chappough. He escaped to Earth where he decided to start a new clean life. He's a gruff wiseguy, but he's not unfriendly. He doesn't want to see Pug miss out on life by being too shy, so he often shouts things to get things moving along. He also has a bit of a short temper, so he sometimes shouts things out without thinking it through first.

Butch Beck

Butch is one of the school's many bullies. There's really a well-established clique of bullies in the school, of which Butch is a member, though not a notable one. In fact, as one of the younger members, he's one of the whipping boys of the bully league... but Pug doesn't know any of that. All he knows is that a seemingly average, white-trashy bully kid hates him for being different and loves to humiliate him publicly. Pug gets more crap from Butch than other "underlings" because he has no place in the school's clique-based society. Hatz, being a thrillseeker likes to bait Butch by shouting out insults.

Sally Harrison

Sally is a delightful, cheerful young lady. Pug developed a crush on her shortly after meeting her-- because really, be nice to a guy that gets picked on a lot, and that's what'll happen. Hatz, having a general disdain for secret crushes outs Pug's desire to go on a date with her... loudly. Thinking Pug said it, she gladly accepts, much to his surprise. She genuinely likes Pug and can sympathize with his outcast status because of her robotic arms. Yeah, robotic arms. Pug didn't know about those until the date not that they bother him. She belongs to the school's freak clique and after learning about Hatz, she tries to bring him into the group so he can end his lonely cliqueless status, but she doesn't run unopposed...

Amanda Skye

Amanda is amongst the hierarchy of the freaks clique. She has a sour temperament brought about by gaining society's general disdain with her unusual wings. Honestly, it's not as bad as she makes it out to be and she just has a terrible attitude about it. She's very particular about who should be allowed into the group and who shouldn't, and she's vehemently against allowing Pug in. She doesn't consider owning a talking hat to be freaky enough to belong. She's very hostile towards Pug and she and Sally bicker about it often.

Earl Blanc

Earl is another member of the freak clique. He's friendly, if a bit spacey, and happy to have Pug around. Because of his mechanical eye, he can often be found staring seemingly into nothingness as he observes something distant with incredible detail.


Principal Hunter

Principal Hunter treats his position as a dictatorship. He's well aware of the student body's caste system and thinks that keeping it alive is integral to retaining the complete control he enjoys. He's a very overdramatic person and his every appearance is completely over the top with what seems like terrible acting.




Haarco and Fuzzball

Officers Haarco and Fuzzball are intergalactic police officers. Despite how silly they look to us Earthlings, they're very serious and determined in their persuit of the intergalactic space criminal Hatz. Unfortunately for them, there's a law that states that they can't risking the safety of any Earth creature even a little. As such, as long as Hatz sit upon Pug's head, there's little they can do.

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